Friday, March 6, 2009

Music services taps Twitter model... so what?

Back in November 2008, Thrillist ran an article in their daily New York email newsletter introducing a company called Musebin and offering up an exclusive and limited invite to the service. Given my obsession with music of all genres (except country) and my infatuation with technology/internet services, I felt I almost HAD to sign up for this service.

The idea and premise is so simple. Musebin is a user generated music album review site which allows members to give a 140 character explanation of why the liked it or why they hated it. "140 characters you say? Sounds a lot like Twitter to me..." well, you're not alone, it does to me too.

In fact, another tool but NOT an extension to Musebin (please someone correct me if I'm wrong), with a completely unprounceable name, ♬ on Twitter, aka, is trying to do just that. After playing around with the musically-glorified Twitter search, I've found it does not really do anything too unique from the search beyond pulling out album covers and other items you might consider searching related to the artist you're searching.

Keeping Twitter in the back of my mind this entire time, I have a feeling we'll begin to see these types of sites and searches which better aggregate and highlight Twitter postings topically as the 140 character micro-blogging service begins to hit the mainstream. It may even offer a way for Twitter to make some damn money and build an ad platform to serve targeted advertisements which is something that should have probably been done upon being launched.

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