Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Go Social with your March Madness Trash Talking this Year

It's that time of year... the NCAA College Basketball Tournament is in the air and early disputes and trash talking on the would-be "winning" brackets and "championship" teams are in full effect.

With Twitter growing at a staggering 1,382 percent year-over-year in February according to Neilsen, the sports world in specific and our beloved sports figures, columnists and hosts flocking to the service and could be a factor in some of the rapid growth as its publicity is amped up and sports fans feel the urge to sign up and talk to (more at than to) Shaq or ping the PTI crew.

The real question at hand though, is how social can we take trash talking this March?

While it is certainly easier to turn to your friend sitting next to you, who happens to be an ACC fan, and politely discuss the Big East's absolute dominance in the tournament this year, social media will, no doubt, heighten the depth and breadth of your trash talking potential.

This is also the first year the second generation iPhone with the good ol' 3G will capabilities will allow people to check stats, manage their brackets, Tweet their disapproval and manage their Facebook fandom. (C'mon, how many of you diehard fans have already changed your profile pic to your favorite schools logo?)

Mashable highlights some of the March Madness iPhone apps which will get some heavy use this month.

A downside is that the CBS Sports Application will only work with Wifi connectivity on your iPhone, but it will serve as an extra medium to quell the madness beyond the two TV's you've set up in your living room, the laptop precariously propped up on your desktop PC's tower whose monitor rests at the edge of the table next to the never ending bowls of chips and salsa.

Whether you love our hate Tyler Hansbrough with a fiery passion, there is no doubt that you will find the comments and team trash talk and heated debates on Twitter as we get closer to the championship showdown. Of course, today's topic of discussion surrounding NCAA college basketball on Twitter is President Obama's bracket... UNC to win it all? Not a chance they'll get by Pitt in the Final Four!

Someone knocking your team? Support your school and reply so that all can hear! But remember the rules of any argument and bring some evidence to back up your point... you don't want to be THAT guy do you?

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